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My First Year by Jacqui Saldana

My First Year, a baby journal

This unique journal will cover all those magical moments in the first year of a child’s life. The grey protective sleeve is perfect to hold up in any diaper bag or purse, and the vellum envelopes throughout gives you plenty of room to save all those special objects from favorite photos to hospital bands. The recipes straight from Jacqui makes this book something special for any mother-to-be. Receive this sweet “Hello Little One” art print download when you purchase a journal. Giving the journal as a gift? You will also receive a free “Congratulations” card printable with purchase.


Capturing everything from the mundane to the wild adventures we experience with our little ones is something I'm so passionate about. I am so thankful I caught every moment with Ryan and I look forward to doing so with Mila.

- Jacqui


Made with all high-quality products this baby journal is meant to stand the test of time. With the sturdy cover and thick paper you’ll never have a pen mark bleed through and each month you'll have enough space to write all the special things about how your little one is growing. The elastic band will keep everything together even when you stick pictures or notes in using the attacher stickers inside. 

What You Get

  • 120 Pages to Document All of Your Baby's Important Details.
  • Small Vellum Envelopes to Keep Precious Mementos Such as a Lock of Hair
  • Attacher Stickers to Add Additional Documents Through Your Baby's First Year
  • Perforated Recipe Pages to Document Your Baby's Favorite Foods
  • Baby Emoji Stickers 
  • Large Back Pocket to Keep Memorabilia 
  • 2, Digital Printables (JPEG + Adobe Acrobat Document)