{Delish Monday} - Brown Butter Squash

Happy Monday everyone! If you are new around my blog here is a recap on what I like to call {Delish Monday}....& Welcome to all my new readers!

I love to give my readers a simple, healthy recipe they can whip up for their family and baby. A fun recipe where you can puree it to your babies liking...as well as leave it whole and tasty for the rest of your family members. I came up with this concept because I found myself making my son a different meal than my own every day. I was a tired momma who wanted to make my babies food from scratch...so I started making things we could both enjoy. Take a look back at the recipes I have posted in our 'Baby Boy Food' page.

Yum! This Monday's recipe is so sweet and delish {I'm re-sharing it}. It is perfect for this week because you can make it as a side dish...and mash it up for your babies during this Thanksgiving holiday. This recipe has few ingredients, though it takes some time to brown up the butter. My advice to you is to try it...because honey there ain't nothing better than brown butter! Trust me.

Brown Buttered Squash

One big butternut squash
1 stick of butter (if you have salted butter don't add the pinch of salt)
pinch of salt
1/3 cup of brown sugar

`In a pan melt the stick of butter. The key here is LOW & SLOW. You want to melt the butter and once you see white bits float to the top you want to stir it and keep heating the butter until the bits turn a golden brown. This technique is used a lot and it brings out a sweet nutty flavor to the butter. It is super yummy! Here is what your butter should look like when its done.

{Remember LOW & SLOW...otherwise you'll end up burning the butter and it will taste anything BUT yummy! ick!}

`Cut the squash into bite size pieces and place on a cookie sheet. Pre-Heat oven to 400 degrees
`Pour the browned butter over squash and toss
`Sprinkle the brown sugar over squash and toss till everything is evenly coated

{Brown sugar w. Brown butter is so YUMMY}
`Roast for about 20 minutes or until the squash is fork tender and caramelized.

As a side dish serve hot.
For baby food...let it cool then blend to your babies stage. PS your babe is going to LOVE this sweet and savory combo!

{momma this is gooooood!}

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