The Birthday Party Project - Nov. We Cook Charity

As most of you know, each month I have decided to donate a portion of my We Cook kit sales to a different children's charity. In doing so, my hope is to promote happy lives as best I can in my son's memory. I am extremely excited to kick off our We Cook donations with The Birthday Party Project! This incredible organization that brings joyful birthday parties to homeless children across the country. The Birthday Party Project works with various homeless shelters and housing centers each month to celebrate birthdays in ways these children would have never thought possible. Each party boasts; activities, crafts, limitless decor, games, sweet treats and gifts. Giving volunteers gather to host their birthday kings and queens in an outlandish day that no doubt makes a lasting memory within each child. 

Birthday parties have always been important to me. Selfishly, I do adore my special day. However, when my son Ryan was born I started to plan his first birthday party when he was just 6 months old! It was pirate themed and I made the entire family dress in costume. His second birthday had all orange decor and we partied till Ryan fell asleep from too many rice krispy treats. On Ryan's third birthday we drove to see his little cousins in Santa Cruz. We arrived late and Ryan was welcomed with an ice cream pie way past bedtime. Now as we celebrate Ryan's birthday while he is in Heaven the whole family heads to Disneyland. No matter what birthdays are special, especially to children! 

I just adore The Birthday Party Project and couldn't think of a better organization to give back to for the month of November. I look forward to seeing the birthday parties that get thrown within this upcoming year! 

To learn more about The Birthday Party Project visit their website here

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