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With Mila’s half birthday behind us, I am just now starting to feel like I got the hang of things. Really during this first year with a baby the ups and downs offer so many learning curves it is hard to keep up. Even though Mila is my second child, a new baby is a new baby. There are always things to learn! There are so many things to try, re-try and a lot of work goes into finding what makes your life easier. Babies come with tons of gear and the baby product lines are a plenty. There is a product for literally everything (there is even a special wand now to apply diaper cream to your babe’s bum to keep you from using your finger…Ya, I think that is weird). One of the things most parents learn the ropes of from the get go are diapers. This topic comes with many opinions and brands. I’ve reached out a few times on social media to get insight from fellow mamas and it has taken this long to finally figure out system that works for us. I’ve always said, sharing is caring so I’ll take you through our diaper journey and what we do to keep our butts clean over here ;)

I’ll be the first one to admit I love a good trendy diaper. A cool, modern print is attractive to me. I know it isn’t for everyone and yes they are a bit pricier. Though, I do like them and going that route was the first I took once Mila was born. They worked and I signed up for a monthly shipment and everything was great. Then a few friends brought up cloth diapering and I was intrigued. I decided to give it a good try for a few solid weeks … cloth diapers only. It was the hardest few weeks of my life. We live in an apartment with a shared laundry unit so getting to wash often just for diapers was pretty tasking. I wash twice a week normally and with Mila’s cloth diapers it added a another load into the mix that I couldn’t keep up with. I know I am weak, but quarters are a pain and well it just wasn’t working. Though the wash was annoying I loved the act of cloth diapering and it seemed to be holding up well at night as well as during our daily travels. I have several wet bags and those are a life saver while out and about. I knew I didn't want to give up on cloth diapers and they too have such cute patterns and designs. I guess I like a colorful bum. :)

I quickly found myself using disposable diapers while enjoying places like Disneyland or when Mila was being babysat. Simply because it was easier than cloth. I used cloth diapers while at home and running daily errands. Using cloth diapers only half the time cut down my wash load during the week. Plus, using disposable diapers only half the time cut down on purchasing them as often. Mila is nearly at her 7 month mark and diapering we have mastered! The half and half works for us. I am trying not to feel bad by not cloth diapering 24/7. I know there are a lot mamas out there who swear by it and I commend them all. I am secretly jealous of mamas who are lucky enough to have laundry units within their home! As I mentioned before, diapering your baby can come with a lot of opinions and mama grief (similar to breastfeeding). I say you do what works with your family and your family only. Take insight from others and apply what you want to your lifestyle.

Here are the diapers we love to use + a coupon code if your interested! Happy diapering mamas!

For cloth diapers I have found that Kanga Care is the ultimate best. We have tried a few brands, but I just adore the soft inserts that Kanga Care provides. It almost feels like fleece, though it keeps Mila’s lady bits cool and protected. The absorption is great and I like to use these at night for that reason. Our fav is the 'Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper'. We have a bunch of them, but they are great because they can grow with your baby!

For disposable diapers I recently started using Parasol Co. diapers and they work wonderful. The inside of these diapers are like no other, they feel like undies but still wick away moisture. They offer the fun, modern prints I love. Another great thing about Parasol Co. are their wipes. Their wipes are scented with cucumber and I use them on my face sometimes they are that good. 

Use the code BABYBOYBAKERY to receive 20$ off your 1st diaper subscription with Parasol Co. 

The best part of cloth diapering are the giant baby bums!! Mila's cloth 'badonk' gets me every time! 

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  1. lenaathane says…

    Jacqui, where can we send you presents?
    I'm french and I've been following you for the last two years, like everyone, I am so impressed and inspired by your family ?
    My comments over the years probably got lost in the crowd, which is a happy thing! means that you're touching people's hearts and you're getting an overflow of love and support! Let me know! Much love from almost the other side of the world xx Lena

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  2. MamaBirdJessa says…

    Hey ladies.

    Just wanted to give the heads up that the BabyBoyBakery $20 off Disc Code for Parasol doesn't work if you already used their free trial code on the acct. You might want to give a note about that, just so people are aware and are less likely to get angry if they have all the facts. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just sharing info since I figured this out the hard way.

    Otherwise, keep on keeping on with your awesome selves! ??✨??

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