A Trip To The Museum Of Ice Cream

Last week we finally made it to the Museum Of Ice Cream. I had heard about this museum last year when it was in New York City and fell in love with the bright colors and promise of massive amounts of ice cream. I love a good museum trip! In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do with my kids. Ryan and I would frequent the LACMA and La Brea Tar Pits monthly. Though the Griffith Observatory isn’t quite a museum it has that quality of traipsing in between exhibits and interesting facts. Mila has come to love our museum trips as her big brother did. Which I am thankful for! Both my kids are champion stroller nappers which is my favorite because it I can then walk forever and enjoy the museum a bit on my own terms. (But don’t tell them that ;) Bottom line, when I heard about this Museum Of Ice Cream I couldn’t wait to experience it! Honestly the only thing missing from all museums is free ice cream samples handed out through out. 

The Museum Of Ice Cream was very exciting and not exactly what I had been expecting. It was very fun, but mostly because I enjoyed watching Mila have a great time. The museum is compiled of a bunch of different themed rooms with fun artwork, interactive displays and sweet treat tastings. The only bummer was that it was so hot inside the museum Mila and I were sweating the entire time. Which was ironic, I thought it would have been cool in there to keep the ice cream cold? Typical to every kid it seems, Mila was wasn’t phased by the heat. She romped through each room and thought it was great! 

My favorite rooms were the Chocolate Mint room because it smelled so delicious in there. They were growing actual mint plants in chocolate spiked soil and they handed out mint chip mochi. Mochi ice cream is a family favorite, Mila and I devoured ours. If you’ve never tasted mochi ice cream it is creamy ice cream stuffed inside a sweet gummy dough. My other favorite room was the Gummy Bear room simply because I loved watching Mila run in-between the giant bears giving them each a hug. We stayed in that room for a while and asked for thirds from the girl handing out scoops of gummy bears. Now that I think about it, this wasn’t so much a museum as it was a fun house for kids and adults alike. 

Mila’s favorite room by far was the Sprinkle Pool and she cried when it was time to get out. Visitors only get two minutes to splash around the sprinkle pool and that wasn’t enough time for Mila I guess. We ended up bringing handfuls of sprinkles home with us on accident; in my pockets, my shirt and a bunch in Mila’s diaper. I snapped a quick pic of her sprinkle bottom and sent it to my family. 

Over all the Museum of Ice Cream was a blast! I do wish they handed out more ice cream, but thats just me …

Below are a few photos from our visit. Thank you Molly for coming along, what a fun girls afternoon!

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