We Cook August - Back To School

How is it ‘Back To School’ season already?! Some of you may have a few more days to enjoy before having to think about school supplies and prepping your kids for their big first day. Though I thought it would be fun to make my We Cook kit this month all about celebrating school and hopefully inspire you to create a new tradition centered around academics! It will be fun to take some time this month and celebrate little ones and their trek back to school. Whether school is being started this month or next, if your child is home schooled or bravely stepping into pre-school for the first time, this milestone is in need of celebration no matter what scholastic stage you are embarking on. 

This time of year always sneaks up on me and whacks me right in the gut. My son would be heading right into first grade right about now. Due to his birthday, he would be one of the oldest first graders. I wish so badly I could prep him for class. Ready his ‘pack pack’ and ‘wunch’. Although, I bet he wouldn’t have that adorable toddler talk at seven years old now. (Insert all the saddness emojis here :/ ) It is the only voice I remember, his fast speech slurred down by certain letters he couldn’t quite grasp yet. It was the cutest and I can hear it in my head, everyday. 

We celebrated pre-school though mostly to help kick his nerves. Ryan didn’t like pre-school at first. In fact he made himself throw up every morning for two weeks because he wanted nothing to do with it all. After two solid weeks of drama he warmed up and then before I knew it he would run into his class as the other little ones yelled “Ryan is here!” School is a joyous time in the end, as parents we have to make it so. Set the example, set up the idea of school for success. By celebrating the start of it is an easy way to shed light on heading to school everyday. “Yes, you have to go everyday!” It is a hard concept, one made sweet with cake ;) 

This month I created a yummy cake recipe you and your child can put together to resemble pencils. Pencils in honor of their career as a student. Try creating these cake ups the weekend prior to school starting. Make it a party! Talk about your child’s school goals, making new friends and things they might want to learn about. Use this opportunity to talk up school and showcase the exciting things a new school year has to offer. Take photos and then compare them to photos taken at the end of the year! It is amazing how much children change over just a short period of time. I look forward to seeing all you celebrating this month and next as school fast approaches! Also, this kit gives three unique ways to jazz up packed lunches too. 

Don't forget to tag your kitchen photos with #bbbkids so I can keep up. If you aren't receiving my We Cook kit, learn more here and join in on the fun! 

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