Momma Stuff

I love going to a new blog and clicking on their side bar tabs to learn more about them and what their blog has to offer. Keeping that in mind, I have added a new side bar tab called {Momma Stuff}. If you click on it you will find all things momma and baby! Simply because being a momma is awesome.

I never EVER thought of myself as a momma who could give others advice or ideas...though I have received tons of feedback and sweet emails about how my blog has been useful to them. {Insert surprised look on my face here} Trust me, even my own family was surprised to see I took to the momma role as strong and passionate as I have. Even though I am more passionate about being a momma than anything else...I am with out a doubt the most UN-graceful and UN-organized momma there is. Really, I am a momma learning as I go....with some great stories along the way. I hope to find comfort in sharing what I have learned with you all and gain insight and knowledge from your own feedback.

With that said I have decided to compile some of my most read {Momma Stuff} posts. I love the idea of creating a teeny space where mommas can come relate and connect with each other. I want mommas to post their feedback, ideas and their very own mishaps within the {Momma Stuff} page. Read along as I figure out {not-so secret} tips and tricks on momma stuff.....while stumbling across many hysterical mishaps. Hoping we can connect and relate with each other as we tackle the most rewarding job on the planet...being a momma!