Pear + Apple Sauce Baby Boy B

Happy {Delish} Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the upcoming week. If you are new here read below for a re-cap on what {Delish} Monday is all about....

Giving my readers a simple, healthy recipe they can whip up for their family and baby. A fun recipe where you can puree it to your babies well as leave it whole and tasty for the rest of your family members. I came up with this concept because I found myself making my son a different meal than my own every day. I was a tired momma who wanted to make my babies food from I started making things we could both enjoy. Take a look back at the recipes I have posted in our 'Baby Boy Food' page.

Even though my son is well past the smooth puree stage I find fruit sauces such as apple or pear make for good, quick snacks. Although buying apple sauce from the store is the simpler route, I urge you to make your own and freeze it in small containers.This way you can make your own flavors by mixing different fruits and spices. Here is one of our favorite fruit sauces!

Pear & Apple Sauce

What you need

`2 pears

`2 apples

`1 tsp cinnamon

`1 tsp lemon juice or lemonade

`1/4 of lemonade {or any juice flavor....or water}

`Makes six 2 oz containers


`You can peel the fruit or not peel it. Up to you. I like to keep the skin packs more vitamins and adds some texture.

`Cut the fruit and toss everything into a blender

`Puree till smooth...or whatever thickness you enjoy.

`Freeze for up to a month or in the fridge for a week. To defrost heat in microwave for 1 minute.

Fruit Sauce Combination Ideas

`Apple & Mango

`Banana & Black Cherry

`Pear & Plum

Use Fruit Sauces In...

`Swirl in oatmeal or rice cereal

`Spread on toast

`Eat w. Breakfast or Lunch

`Get creative!!