Babyproof? Or A Toy?

A while ago Dan and I baby proofed our home to help keep our child safe.

For months we both have been annoyed because every time we needed to use an outlet, open a cupboard or pee we had to unhook something.

Since our son has become an Olympic crawler/bear crawler he has finally noticed the fun baby proof "toys".

Recently, this so-called baby proof thing has become an exciting game. My son loves to yank open the cupboards until they can't open any further {due to the baby proof latch}...then slam it closed. Over and over again. WHACK!....BAM! Each time laughing and smiling....and sometimes clapping for himself. Hooray! : /

His most favorite game is taking the outlet covers off and then putting them back on again. His tiny yet chubby hands amaze me....I love the fierce concentration he has while doing this.

I promise you I tell him this isn't a good idea. Surely you can find something else more exciting I tell him. You are driving me crazy and making me nervous. Let's go play with something not the T.V. remote!

Removing the outlet covers results in a mini meltdown.

This is me asking you all what are your best baby proofing ideas/items. The ones we have apparently aren't working.

Also, we are now fully aware that amongst the million dollar pile of award winning-organic-BPA free-colorful-light up and music making toys our son is most happy with a set of car keys, T.V. remotes and alas baby proof items. Say whaaaaaaaaat?! Please tell me this is normal...and if not lie to me.