Embracing Every Moment

Recently I have been struggling with the overwhelming amount of "He isn't walking yet?!" comments. Yes, my son is 13 months...nearly 14 months old and he is not walking. He is not walking. Now, my mom has told me I myself didn't walk till I was 18 months....clearly my son is on the same path as his momma. I would like to say this;

No, my son is not walking. However, Dan and myself are completely OK with this. We are loving our son's stage right now and embracing his last 'baby' moments. My son is growing up at a super speed pace! Sometimes, I get teary eyed when looking at pictures of him just 1 or 2 weeks old. I don't want to push my son to do anything he isn't ready to do yet. It is obvious he isn't ready to walk.

When he is walking...I will look back on the days he used to crawl around, roll around and reach for me when he is unstable on his feet. I will miss the afternoon walks in his stroller and holding him like a koala baby while running errands. Everything happens so fast...so with that I am focusing on embracing each and every moment with my son. Simple because, once they are over I will never experience them again.

As a momma, what are/were your favorite moments while watching your babies grow?