Good Morning Poppas

'Good Morning Poppas!' is what I say to my son every morning when I go get him from his crib. Don't ask me why, Dan and I started calling our son Poppa shortly after we brought him home. Most likely derived from the rap song 'They call me Big Poppa' or something ridiculous like that. However, it stuck and now it has grown into many variations.... I am sure you mommas can relate to coming up with nicknames for your babies.

Our mornings are very special. It is the time of day when my son and I can just be. We cuddle, we eat, we dance, we talk and then eat some more. Our mornings have always been 'our' time.

I love to make my son breakfast and I usually make pancakes 2 or even 3 times a week.

I do have to say {and send a little Thank You to God} I'm blessed with a child who loves to sleep. So when I say is close to 9:30am when we have a our breakfast. Which I find decadent...and although most days I am up before my little snoozer being "productive", I do indulge myself with sleeping in sometimes. If we are ever graced with another baby, I'm sure he or she won't want to sleep at all. So I am baggin all the zzz's I can now.

What I love most about our mornings is the sense of calm through out the house. I love the sleepy atmosphere and the feeling of beginning a new day. Once our morning turns into afternoon, crazy sets in and I'm busy being busy. Which I love, in a different way.

I would love to know...What is your favorite part of the day?