Hello Monday

Hello Monday, ah we meet again. I thought yesterday was going to last forever.....

Hello morning after one the best lazy Sundays we have ever had. I'm thankful for a baby who loves to sleep and relax with Momma and Dadda...which then allows Dan and I to sleep/never leave our bed for the majority of the afternoon.

Hello to yummy organic dessert displayed beautifully in a feature on Celebrations At Home. I am thankful for the opportunity and the women I worked with.

Hello freezing cold days. I am thankful for the warm sun that beams through our kitchen window while I work on the computer during nap time.

Hello Dan's comfy sweat pants. I am thankful for my main man and when he says "You look so hot in my pants!"....Why thank you love.

Hello to the giant stack of gifts to be wrapped and embellished with pretty little pinwheels. {DIY This Week}

Hello feet on the table while waiting for breakfast. I'm thankful for my mornings with this trouble maker.

Better get going on his pancakes!

Happy Monday!