Mom Q & A

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

I wanted to do this little Q & A so you could get to know a little more about me...

Q: Describe your parenting style in one word.

A: Flexible & Fun

Q: Favorite T.V. family of all time.

A: Mom and Daughter from Gilmore Girls

Q: What's always in your refrigerator?

A: Organic Eggs, Organic Whole Milk and Ginger Ale.

Q: Last meal you made for your family?

A: Spicy ground beef and chorizo burritos.

Q: Physical trait you hope your child doesn't inherit from you.

A: My cellulite!

Q: Craziest thing you've done because you were sleep deprived.

A: Got into the shower with my socks and glasses on. Then screamed at myself "SERIOUSLY?!!"

Q: If you wrote a parenting manual, what would the title be?

A: Just Keep Swimming!

Q: Last lost toy you helped your child find.

A: His favorite ball that rolled under our couch.

Q: Kids' T.V. show you love.

A: Sesame Street! Sometimes we watch 2 in a row because I love it!

Q: Fill in the blank:

"I almost fell over when my son told his pediatrician "NO NO NO!" while he tried listening to his heart beat.

Q: Guilty pleasure?

A: Keeping up with the Kardashians...and Vanilla Meringue Cookies.

Q: Favorite place on Earth?

A: My bed.

Q: Best piece of parenting advice you ever got?

A: Give your baby tons of kisses and hugs!

Q: First word that pops into your head when you hear the word "mom"?

A: Strength.