Cupcakes For Kendra Scott

I want to show you guys these glam cupcakes I had the honor of delivering to a very special client event.

The ever popular and beautiful Kendra Scott jewelry store in Beverly Hills had a shopping event...Where customers perused jewels, sipped champagne and indulged themselves with my cupcakes!

This by far has been my most favorite event thus far. I was so excited when I received the custom order email from Jessica and Mandy...So much so I danced for nearly ten minutes before replying back with "YES! TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT AND I'LL DO IT!" Okay, well I was a little more professional than that.

They ordered; cookies and milk, creamy vanilla bean and pumpkin spice mini cupcakes. The best part?! I surprised them by decking the tops with edible glitter. With the added sparkle the cupcakes fit right in with all the gorgeous jewelry.

Take a looksy...