Little Sister

Even though our holiday was ambushed. (I still can’t believe we were all terribly sick during our Christmas.) We were lucky enough to have a tiny visitor who came bearing gifts and endless smiles. My little sister Rhiannon came to stay with us while Santa re-modeled her bedroom for Christmas. It was truly a special visit. She mentioned she had been saving up her pennies to buy us Christmas gifts at her school book fair and she even wrapped them herself. It warmed my heart unwrapping these gifts that came straight from the heart. Her gifts were thought out, saved for and purchased out of sheer generosity and love.

After the boys went to bed, the two of us stayed up and watched Twilight, painted our nails and ate Oreos. A total girls night if you will....

Dear Little Sister,

When I was sixteen you came into my life and I couldn't have been more excited. When I used to babysit you, people thought you were my daughter. Some people say we look alike. I used to babysit you a lot when you were very little. I took you to the beach, out for frozen yogurt and shopping. We watched tons of Disney movies...and still do. I can count on you for a good laugh and for a breath of fresh innocence.

Even though I have a little one of my own, I will always be here for you. My son is so lucky to have such a passionate aunt. He loves you. I love you.