Around here we are finally starting to feel normal again. Unfortunately, all the Christmas excitement and preparation lead to a vicious stomach flu bug that ran through our house hitting us one by one. We were unable to do much but lay around. This was our second Christmas as a family and we had high hopes of visiting everyone and exchanging gifts...only to be blindsided by this nasty sickness.

I can tell you one thing...having the stomach flu with one bathroom equals true love. Dan and I can brave anything together at this point, because after this we have seen each other at our worst. YUCK!

We did try to make the most out of our pathetic holiday by opening gifts we got each other and watched ELF. However, I think it is safe to say we want to forget Christmas 2011 and move on.

I am now tackling the Mount Everest of laundry we have and using Clorox to disinfect our entire house. Other than Ryan's new toys there is no sign of Christmas here anymore.....see ya next year buddy! Hopefully on healthier terms.

I will spare you pictures of Dan and I. We both look like train wrecks.