Cake Mistake

I started this blog to document my journey through baking desserts for others + events and being a new mom. As well as share various recipes with you all that we enjoy in our family.

Some days I'm right on Target! {Or in Target? of those}

Most days I am a mess...a hot hot mess!

Two weeks ago I hit a breaking point. I sat on my floor, covered in frosting and tears screaming "WHAT AM I DOING?!" {and some curse words mixed in}


Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to provide all the dessert for this 'Christmas Party' photo shoot. {I still can't give out details} I was so excited, I jumped at the chance and spent weeks planning the dessert down to the exact size and color. The most important part was this green and red layered cake. This cake was supposed to be the center of attention...the prized piece in this glamorous holiday photo shoot.

As I was loading the dessert, I was excited! I was so happy that they chose my dessert. I guess I was floating in the clouds...because next thing I know my beautiful cake was on the floor smashed in the carpet. In order to keep the vomit down, I screamed the loudest most offensive curse word...over and over.

Que breaking point. I sat on my floor, covered in frosting and tears screaming "WHAT AM I DOING?!"

I picked up the cake and put it on the counter. Crippled with tears I called Dan to explain the horror. Desperately asking him "What the hell am I trying to do here?" His answer? "Your taking your dessert to that photo shoot you've been so excited about." aka Why are you calling me...go do something about this!

With only 20 minutes left till I had to be at the photo shoot I freaked. I grabbed all the butter cream I had left, put the cake in the car and went. Crying the entire way.

LONG long story short...I was able to make it somewhat decent. The photographer could only shoot the cake from the front. {Embarrassing} The girl who was running the shoot said the cake looked awesome. {Say what?!}

That day will go down as one of my worst. As a baker/cake decorator it is one of the worst things that could happen....though it happens. My friend Erin said its a bakers right of passage. A badge of honor if you will. You know your awesome when you can turn a smashed cake into something great...I guess?!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys this to let you know I have some bad, bad days. Days where I think I am doing this all wrong. Sometimes I cry, sometimes scream. I am not put together, or super organized. I'm clumsy, forgetful and messy. I think all the time "Just what am I doing?"

I'm just doing me.

...and sometimes me drops my cake! more ways than one!