Squash Booty Rash ASAP!

Now that it is winter time dry, chapped skin is running rampant. At least for some people.... and especially babies booties!

I learned this the hard way, last year when I found my 3 month old with an awful red booty rash. Its painful and burns, which I imagine can't be the best feeling!

Booty rash tends to form since the diaper holds moisture close to babies sensitive skin.

Try these tips to squash booty rash before it hits;

`Let those cute booties air out! Lay a large towel on the floor with some toys and have some delish naked play time! Letting your babe get some diaper free time gives their booty air and diminishes moisture. Plus, you can snap some super cute pictures! Keep in mind, when you do this turn the heat up a bit or keep a shirt on them....babies don't like to be cold.

`Dry completely after bath time. Same idea here, keep those butts dry!

`Steer clear of scented baby powder and use my secret ingredient!.....Organic Corn Starch! This stuff is free of scents, dies and harmful chemicals. It also kills moisture on the spot, which keeps the skin dry and soft. Seriously try it! You might have some in your pantry right now!

`If your baby has a really red bum try Neosporine paired with corn starch. The Neosporine helps sooth and heal the rash, while the corn starch keeps the moisture away from affected areas.

`Change that diaper often! If you have a really red baby bum at least every hour there needs to be a fresh diaper. {Along with a fresh smear of cream, ointment or Neosporine and corn starch}

`Last but not least....steer clear of wipes. I found that using warm wipes or warm wash cloths was our savior! The warm cloth is soothing and soft on the red skin.