Love In Every Bite

We have been pretty busy with family visiting from out of the country, road trips and my son Ryan is teething leaving us with zero time. Though teething can be grueling for both the baby and parent, Dan and I are excited to see our baby boy grow right before our eyes! I am also happy to report that Ryan has SIX teeth so far! Go Baby! Soon he will be able to actually eat Baby Boy Bakery creations!

This past week we traveled to my cousin Tracey's house to have a family dinner. I was asked to make something sweet to enjoy after dinner so I decided to make milk chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting. They turned out great! Ryan and I spent the afternoon making them and I had put red ribbon bows on top each one. I waited to take a picture of the cute cupcakes for when we arrived at my cousin's house. I had them all packed ready to go and of course we were rushing out the door. Dan was carrying Ryan and the diaper bag. I was carrying the cupcakes, a shopping bag full of baby clothes and a baby Bjorn (to return to my cousin). Then in one second the cupcakes were upside down on floor! I had accidentally dropped them. Instantly I began to swear and freak out about the mess and the fact that we had no cupcakes for our family dinner. Dan slowed me down and assured me it wasn't a big deal, we could just take the extra cupcakes with out the ribbon decor. It was a huge bummer, but Dan was right. I grabbed the cupcakes with the ribbon, left the cream cheese mess and headed to our family dinner.

In the end everyone loved the cupcakes! Lesson learned: it doesn't matter what they look like, as long as they taste good! I have to thank Dan for being so great to me. He makes me realize the important things, and calms me down when I get too hyped up. Here is a picture of Dan and I back in college...and the only ribbon adorned cupcake that made it through the fall.

I love you dan.