My First Go At S'Mores Cupcakes

this week i was inspired by our recent camping trip on memorial day weekend. the one thing i can not get enough of while camping are...s'mores! i am embarrassed to say i had at least 2 s'mores each night using different chocolate bars such as kit kat, chocolate almond and my personal favorite peanut butter cups! with that being said, since being home i have had a craving for s'more s'mores! (haha!) we have all seen chocolate graham marshmallow topped cupcakes, but i decided to make a 'bbb' version...

-s'more campcake-

i gathered the 3 main ingredients to make a classic s'more, but cupcake style. graham crackers mixed with butter, milk chocolate cake and marshmallow meringue. can we say delish?!

i started by filling the cupcake holders with graham cracker crumbs, to be then topped with the milk chocolate cake batter.

i topped the cupcakes with marshmallow meringue. by the way, making meringue is a huge accomplishment and i end up eating half of it before using it! i am still learning and practicing (my meringue blog post coming soon).

i love the fact that i was inspired to create something based on an event with my family and i look forward to creating more and more based on the things we experience. ...stay tuned....

Eating the left over meringue is my fav!

Eating the left over meringue is my fav!