Something Inspiring - The Color Green

there are so many ways to interpret the word green! i am looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with! here is what i saw it as this week....

ever since my son was home from the hospital we made it a point to go outside everyday! even if it was just for a quick walk around our block to let momma blow off some steam! ;) ryan absolutely loves it outside and now at 9 months he runs wild! he crawls around everywhere and loves the feel of grass and sand....and he loves tasting it all too! i find each time outside with ryan inspiring because i get to see everything through his eyes. it is like seeing things for the first time which is exciting! i love finding new places to hang out with ryan and lately we have been having lunch on our front lawn (it is as easy as that)! i hope this inspires you to take your babes EVERYWHERE and explore the green around you!! have fun!