Something Inspiring - Spend The Day Playing

all you mommas out there know exactly what 'spending the day playing' means....and how exhausting it can be! i can only speak for myself, but sometimes my son and i run out of games, books and toys to play with and we have to get creative. now we dance, sing and we just started swimming! my son loves the water and now that it is summer we are at the family beach house a ton and when we are home we are at the pool! he is such a water baby. this week i want to share with you how much fun ryan had while spending the day playing...with water!

now we really got creative with this and i encourage you to do the same! we filled up an ice chest with water and plopped ryan inside with some toys and he had the time of his life! we stuck the ice chest on the patio in the middle of us enjoying each other and watched ryan as he laughed and splashed around. it was awesome to see him playing and having so much fun inside the ice chest! he could have stayed in there forever! this goes to show you that your kids do not need the latest and greatest of toys! look around and see what you guys can come up with! ps: it most likely will turn out to be a great photo opportunity! one that you will cherish forever!