Something Inspiring - Sunshine

YES i have missed 2 weeks of this inspiration workshop. we have been on vacation and super busy planning our son's baptism and i haven't found much time to be on the computer. however, i am making a HUGE effort to find more time to blog and somehow create more hours in the day....i'll let you know how that goes. until then i am back on track linking up with other bloggers to share what inspires us! click on the inspiration workshop button on my right sidebar to join!

-this weeks inspiration topic- 'sunshine'

i can really relate to this topic because i love being outside and soaking up the sun. before momma-hood i used to frequent the beach and 'lay out', read magazines and chit chat with friends while basking in the sunshine. now a days we still go to the beach all the time....and stay there all day! we pack everything known to man, strap ryan onto us like a baby koala and head to the shore for family fun in the sun! my days of leisure sun bathing are long replaced with digging holes, making sand castles and splashing in the water (all while trying to keep ryan from eating sand)! i love every second of it and wouldn't change it for anything. this weeks inspiration prompt made me think of my new life as a momma and how amazing it is....everything has changed for the better and my son brings sunshine to my life everyday. i want to share a picture of my two amazing guys responsible for making my life absolutely perfect!

what does sunshine make you think of?