baby boy food- tropical yogurt parfait


i am super excited about the sweet comments and positive thoughts about my new {baby boy} food page on our blog from everyone! it has gone over well, and has been viewed by many mommas looking for yummy recipes for their babes. thank you so much to my readers, and because of all the love i have decided to post a recipe each week! (my to-do list is HUGE) though i am very happy to share the goodness! please message me, tweet me or leave comments if you try out any of the recipes! i would love to hear from you!

the following is a delish breakfast recipe both me and my son LOVE! *please note this is not only a baby food recipe it can be enjoyed by the whole family!*

roasted banana-mango parfait


*increase to feed more than just two people*

1 banana

1 mango

1 container of organic greek yogurt


pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

YES we are roasting bananas! roasted bananas are so tasty, it brings out all the sweetness in the fruit and you will love it. toss the banana (in the peel) into the oven for about 10 min or until the peel is black and splitting open.

Your banana should look like this after roasting it.

Your banana should look like this after roasting it.

peel and cut the mango

mix the two fruits together. (for babies you will have to puree the mango and mash the banana together.)

then take a glass and begin layering the yogurt and fruit. (SIMPLE)

my favorite yogurt to use with this parfait is greek yogurt. since the two fruits are super sweet using the tangy yogurt creates a nice balance.