Chai Cupcakes That Remind Me Of My Mom

this week i’ve been recipe tessting chai tea latte cakes. Why? Chai tea latte dates are something my momma and i do when we spend time together. we both love going to her local coffee shop in walnut creek, ordering extra hot chai tea lattes and chat about everything. since moving to southern california those dates are far and few between. i often grab a chai tea latte solo or with my son and call my momma on the phone which is the next best thing. this week i wanted to try and make a cake that would remind me of sitting comfy in a cafe' with my momma while sipping our favorite latte.

i decided to do try and create a chai flavored cake. i got a little creative with the recipe and steeped organic chai tea in milk rather than water and then made a basic vanilla cake recipe (i love vanilla & chai together). i just added the chai infused milk instead of regular milk into the batter. i also added a little spice to the cake, but i'll keep that a secret. the outcome was a super moist 'chai-tastic' cake! with every bite you got a subtle chai tea flavor, which was nice because it wasn't over powering. to top the cake i did a glaze using the left over chai tea with milk (used in the cake) whisked with some powdered sugar. it was a nice change from frosting and it made the cakes more moist and sweet. i enjoyed them! though, the recipe needs more testing to become perfect!

have you ever created a recipe that takes you back to a good memory? i would love to hear about it!