baby boy food- roasted zucchinni

oh my yum! the recipe this week is perfect for your entire family. it can be served as a side dish and blended to your baby's food stage as well. as i have mentioned before roasting both fruit and veggies brings out many different flavors you wouldn't normally get by cooking them other ways. for example roasted zucchini is sweet and totally delish! combined with oregano it balances to a perfect sweet and savory dish! hopefully you try it...and maybe you already have! if i haven't sold you yet, maybe this will help. This dish is almost TOO simple to make; cut, toss, throw in oven then serve! enjoy!

roasty toasty zucchini


6 medium sized organic zucchini

3 table spoons olive oil

2 table spoons of organic oregano

pinch of salt & pepper


-dice the veggies into bite size pieces. (mommas...leave the skin on. the skin is the healthiest part and will fortify your family with powerful nutrients)

-place veggies on a sheet tray covered with foil

-toss veggies with oil and oregano

-throw into the oven for about 20 minutes. toss veggies half way through

*for baby food. wait for veggies to cool and then blend to your babies stage.