Taking a Momma Break


Every once in a while I get a little tired (okay very tired) and stressed out. I am so busy with being a good momma, 'Baby Boy Bakery and other things I find myself with no time just for me. And with no "me" time anyone would go nuts. It is so important to take a time out just for you and reflect on how amazing you are and all the great things you are accomplishing. Right?!

I find it hard to admit that I need this solo time until I am snapping at Dan and crying for no reason. Then I am like 'Okay Chica GET IT TOGETHER'!!! {thank you to my best friend Holly & new friend/soul sister Ana for listening to me vent}

Yesterday my son's god-momma offered to take him for the night and I eagerly said yes! Part of me feels like yay! I can get stuff done and get a pedicure. The other part of me feels like ugh! Am I a bad momma for not being able to handle whats on my plate? The answer I know is NO. I am a great momma who just needs a break.