Let's Go For A Hike


I'm not the best hiker.

Ask anyone...I'm a complainer and clumsy.

I usually over pack, dress wrong or beg to stop sooner than planned.

One time I went for a hike in strappy sandals....and got stung by some random evil plant. Lesson learned. I never go anywhere with out tennis shoes, and cortisone cream.

Now don't get me wrong, I do love being outside. I love spending time with family and exploring new places. This past week we did a lot of exploring and saw some beautiful sights. The best part was experiencing them with my two guys. I loved seeing nature through the eyes of my son. He already is very much the outdoors, thrill seeker type. Also, stopping to take in the gorgeous surroundings with Dan was romantic.

After many hikes I have learned a few things;

`Look up and enjoy everything around you, but also be aware of weird things like evil stinger plants and gross bugs.

`Wear sunscreen even though there is no sun out.

`Wear layers. Because even though its cold out it will change and you'll end up sweating.

`Bring lots of snacks and water. And save a really yummy snack for the end of the hike....so you have something to look forward to. A reward for walking your butt all over kingdom come!

`Take lots of pictures. To later use as proof! "Oh ya I went on a crazy hike in the mountains, LOOK"


`Have fun no matter what. Even if your leg is stinging with pain, Even if your so cold you can't feel your fingers, Even if your so tired you want to cry along with your niece, Even if the hiking backpack is digging into your hip, Even if you tripped on a stick and ripped your new jeans! Because some of the best moments can happen during a hike. Especially while walking along side the people you love.

Let's go for a hike!