Saturday Snapshot


This week has been a rough one. (More details on why later.) Our washer broke, which lead to a build up of over 6 loads to be done. Beautifully piled at the foot of our bed. Once it got fixed I found myself loading the washer more times than I could count. Ryan was feeling neglected apparently. SO, I strapped him in the ERGOBaby carrier while I washed clothes. Never have I worn him around the house and at 16 months he was begging to be carried. I caved when he held up his little arms. After all, it will only be a matter of time before he won't ask for me to hold him anymore.

When he is 16 I will remind him of when I used to carry him around while doing house chores.....

"Remember when you used to be so cute and want me to hold you all the time?! Now your are in and out and I can barely squeeze a hug out of you!!"

Have a good weekend! Cherish all the moments.