Romantic Park Date


We usually hit the park about 3-4 times a week. The park by our house is always crowded with kids and recently Ry's new hobby is chasing them all while screaming "HI HI HI!". Once he catches up to the kids (who are all older than him) he pokes them softly and says "Hi...." then turns to look me and smiles. Like he is saying "Hey Mom! Check this kid out! They are so cool!" The other day a little girl was wearing an Elmo shirt and he poked her chest and said "EMO! EMO!" The little girl freaked out and started crying. oops.

Recently, we had the entire park all to ourselves! We enjoyed a smoothie and had a romantic walk to the park. Since no one was there I played our favorite music and we danced around the park. Anyone walking by must have thought we were nut balls! Then again, we are pretty nutty!

We love the park because...

`We can scream as loud as we want!

`We can get super dirty and make sand pies

`We can stand on the end of the slide and jump off. {100+ times}

`We can make new friends {If they aren't scared off}

`We can take turns on pushing each other on the swings {good thing Momma doesn't like to swing fast}

`We usually get a smoothie before or after

`We hold hands in between the slides and swings

`Momma loves the long nap Ry takes after a good park date...

If you guys are park junkies like us....enjoy it this week!