No Pants In Public. Again.


I am not sure how this always happens to us...and I'm almost 100% positive it only happens to us.

My fantastic mom moments are tallying up and I'm in the lead with "Most Embarrassing" or "WTF, Seriously?!"

Last month we drove to Northern California, which is about 6-7 hours depending on traffic and how your toddler holds up. At this point Dan and I pride ourselves on road trippin' with our nugget. We started traveling with our baby at 4 weeks, and as he gets older our arsenal of tricks has grown. The number one rule is start the trip with a dry diaper...Rule number two always have a sippy cup of water and an entire grocery bag stuffed with snacks. Honestly, it all sounds smart but really it is a recipe for disaster.


Our toddler ends up drinking all his water in the first hour. He grows bored with his snacks and stuffs them in car seat, crushes fish crackers into confetti and throws a party in the back seat. And if we are lucky he falls asleep...for 4 hours! BOO YA!! A sleeping toddler, to us is like striking gold, because we can keep driving and get to our destination earlier than expected.

Except this happens....

Our toddler wakes up in a panic. Clearly upset and keeps screaming "OH NO! OH NO!" Oh no what?! Well, we decide In and Out is a good stop. Only to find our son has peed through everything, the kid looked he was hit with a super soaker. Long Story Short -- I fished out a dry diaper, but yet again his extra clothes were buried in the trunk. So ya, we went pant-less in public again. We got a little creative with the stickers they gave us at In and Out. Enjoyed our meals and packed ourselves back into our car headed for our final destination. Dry, doing the no pants dance to Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe...'