How Important Is A Lovey?

Before I was a mother I didn't know what a 'lovey' was.

When I was pregnant I received a bunch of potential "loveys" for my un-born child. People would tell me my baby will latch on to something and want to carry it everywhere, which is called a 'lovey'. For example a special blanket or stuffed animal. I was prepared with a huge arsenal of various types of 'loveys' for my baby...I was excited.

When Ryan was born I used the same blanket hoping he would love it. He didn't even notice.

When Ryan was almost a year I overwhelmed him with all kinds of stuffed animals! I must have seemed like a crazed puppeteer. "Here Ryan look at Mr. Dinosaur! .... Hi Ryan, my name is Mr. Dino-Man" (I really did say that...) Anyways...Ryan never latched on to anything until now. He is two, and now I'm like what the heck?! How did Ryan's 'lovey' become my second child?!?!

Ryan latched on a stuffed shark his grandpa bought him at Sea World. This special shark has no name, but it is very needy! Shark has to do everything with Ryan including; eating, drinking, playing, napping, dancing, getting dressed, walking, park playtime, car rides and running errands with mommy (which might stop after the traumatic experience we had recently). The only thing this shark can't do is take a bath with Ryan...and I am sure our neighbors hear Ryan's loud dramatic cries every night.



Yesterday at Target Ryan must have dropped Shark and we lost him. For an hour. I had never seen my son so sad before. His whimpering cries broke my heart. Naturally I ran to the nearest Target member and yelled "We've lost my son's shark! Help!"

Target Employee "You lost your son's what?"

Me "His Shark! Call for it on the loud speaker or something!!"

(I guess you can see where my son gets his dramatic persona from...)

I was ready to beat up another kid for snatching up my son's shark when we found it on the oral care isle. Apparently, Shark takes his pearly whites seriously? Or while I was figuring out which floss was best it fell to the floor somehow.

It was on our way home when I thought Wow! My kid finally has a "lovey". And that "lovey" is pretty damn important. Even if it feels like I have two kids sometimes....

Do your kiddos have a "lovey", if so what are they?