Running For Cupcakes


I'm not a runner. I'm not sure I even like to run. I do sometimes to burn off those cupcakes I eat or when I am chasing Ryan around the park. I'm more of a shake off my calories at a hip hop class kind of girl.

Never do I wake up and feel "Oh man I need a good run!"....

Never do I think "Geeze I should have gone for a run today"....

Never do I say "Yes, I'm going to run a 10K"!

Until now.

Seriously?! I'm participating in the "She Is Beautiful-10k" in 2 short months. I blame Dan's sister who got me excited to run my little heart out along side hundreds of other women who actually enjoy the sport. Although I may seem reluctant to jumping on the running wagon...I've become pleasantly happy about doing so and I'm sticking to a training schedule till the big run! My thighs will thank me I'm sure.

The most exciting part about the "She Is Beautiful-10k" is that Baby Boy Bakery was chosen to supply cupcakes for the women who participate in the race. Our cute logo will be displayed on the race shirts and we'll have our very own display table at the after-race party. How exciting! Plus! What better way to celebrate your race, than to devour an organic cupcake afterward?!

I'm happy to be working with the ladies who are putting on the "She Is Beautiful-10k"! I feel it is such a positive organization and event to associate Baby Boy Bakery with. Here we are combining the likes of exercise to stay healthy, happy and beautiful AS WELL AS eat something yummy in moderation to stay healthy, happy and beautiful {and sane!}. Click on the links above to learn more about this run

I'd love all the running advice you can give. Send me your support as I pound the pavement while pushing my son in our jogging stroller. And if you see a girl laying on the side of the road in bright running shoes gasping for air it's me...splash some water on my face and scream something motivational.