Battle Of The Bink


As a momma you try so hard to set your baby up for success.

Since the day we took our son home both Dan and I have driven for excellence and modeled our own parenting skills, traits, and "rules" after our own amazing parents {and step-parents}.

There is one thing I am not to clear on and although my heart says one thing...others say close to a million other things.

To Bink Or Not To Bink

If you are unfamiliar with the term 'bink' it simply means pacifier. Those cute little things babies suck on for comfort. Also known as;





`"Where is that damn thing! I can't think straight with all the whining!" -Yes...I've said that.

If you fall into the "my baby never took a pacifier" I clap once for you and send you on your way.

For all of those who's children love the bink please read on and lets give each other some advice.

Now that my son is nearly 17 months I am faced with a question "When do we take his bink away?"

There are a lot of parents out there (including grandparents) who think we should diminish the bink as soon as possible. Many think pacifiers are some what of a set back...they are only for babies. Some parents seem to not care, with the mentality of "they will grow out of it when they are ready".

Here is our approach, for now...

Since Ryan is basically a year and half we both think it is time to kick the bink to the curb. So we have nixed Ryan's bink usage during the day. He can only have it before nap time and bed time. Ry now knows he has to leave it in his crib and takes pleasure in throwing it back in his bed. Now, in due time we will tackle taking his bink away fully. In the meantime, we still lean on the bink to sooth Ryan and help him fall asleep. I understand this may create a serious bink-needy monster. I'll fight that dragon when it is time.

I'm interested in what you have done with your children who loved the bink! Give me what you got Mommas! Surely Ryan won't be heading to college with his bink packed away in his suitcase....RIGHT?!