A Momma Interview


As a momma you know things change daily! I filled in this Momma Interview from my favorite magazine last year and I thought it would be fun to do it again....just to see if anything has changed. Also, to see what has stayed the same. If you want, take the same interview! I would love to learn more about you and your momma-style!

Hope you guys have a great Thursday!

`Describe your parenting style in one word.--- Flexible

`What is your favorite TV family?--- Ross and Monica from Friends

`What is always in your refrigerator?--- Organic Vanilla Yogurt and Ginger Ale

`Last meal you made for your family?--- Homemade Sausage and Bell Pepper Pizza

`Finish this sentence: "I almost died when my child..."--- When Ryan went digging through a strangers purse!

`Craziest thing you've ever done while sleep-deprived.--- We aren't sleep deprived! We love to sleep!

`If you wrote a parenting manual, what would the title be?--- "Go With The Flow!"

`Last lost toy/object you helped your child find?--- His Buzz Lightyear tooth brush he stuck in the heater vent.

`Kids' TV show you love.--- ELMO!

`Guilty Pleasure.--- American Idol and Midnight Popcorn!

`Favorite Place on Earth.--- Snuggled in Dan's arms

`Best parenting advice you ever got?--- Take your baby everywhere!

`First words that pop into your head when you hear the word "Mom".--- Mom? When did I become a Mom?!