First Comes Baby, Then Comes Marriage


We met our sophomore year of college, when we were both 20.

I baked him a cake that I frosted with "Will you be my date to G-Phi formal?"

He ate the cake...then said yes.

We dated till we thought we had enough....

Over time we became best friends.

We dated while we were living in the same dorm, apartment neighbors and long distance.

We met each others families.

We figured out each others weird quirks.

Between our ups and downs, somewhere..

We fell in love.

Thinking we knew it all...we received a crash course in 'Parenthood'.

We were surprised, and strong and succeeded.

Our son is 17 months and is the best thing that has happened to us...since each other.

Now we are both 27...

And just got engaged!

I used to think everything was going to happen according to plan. I used to think there was a right way of doing things. But, turns out there is just a "your way" of doing things. I believe God had a special plan for Dan and I....and what fun he must be having while watching us walk through it! I feel blessed to have found my soul mate and now I get to marry him. I get to make it forever. I feel as though I am the luckiest girl...

Dear Dan,

Thank you for loving me through it all.

Love, J