While Momma Sleeps


I am not a napper...over here we like to sleep in so usually there is no need for a mid afternoon snooze. However, some days things feel overwhelming, things pile up and I loose my energy. When I am overtired and on the verge of a melt down, Dan usually calls me out and sends me in for a nap. (Much like I do with our son Ryan) Those naps sometimes are perfect, (sometimes I don't sleep I just lay there). Alone time is sacred and I love soaking up my minutes of solitude!

Although I enjoy my "nap time", my dudes enjoy it even more! My boys use their "Guy Time" for ridiculous games, sports and more silly antics. I have to say my favorite thing is watching my son and his father bond over things I have no clue about....like sports, wrestling and well sports.

Ryan and I are so lucky!