Saturday Snapshot


Right Now.

`Ryan is 18 months and he loves to laugh.

`Ryan's favorite thing to do is play "throw the ball", run and play outside and eat gummy snacks.

`Ryan is learning how to kick a soccer ball....and it is so cute my heart melts when I see him "practice".

`Ryan is still a sleep champion....he loves to sleep in till 9:30. 10:15 being his latest.

`Ryan can dance better than Beyonce'.

`Ryan can't get enough of reading books and fake texting on his Buzz Lightyear cell phone.

`Ryan loves listening to music and his favorite song is "Moves Like Jagger" and anything by LMFAO.

`Ryan gets crazy when he sees Elmo....gotta love that Elmo!

`What I love most right now is that Ryan loves to hug and give kisses. He is so flexible and we love taking him everywhere...whenever! Right now we are cherishing these moments....

Happy Saturday!

We started the day off with a donut its looking pretty good so far!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who sent me emails, tweets and commented on our "Battle of the Bink" post! You mommas are awesome! Sometimes what you need the most is to hear you aren't alone....