If You Didn't Attend SNAP!...Read This

My highlights from SNAP!

...Plus some tips to prepare you for your next overnight blog conference

What I Learned!

I attended a lot of panels where big time bloggers detailed knowledgeable facts about blogs, social media, getting published and seemingly doing it all while still being a kick-ass momma. Below are just some noteworthy facts/quotes that stuck with me. I hope you get as inspired as I am!

These facts/quotes are from these amazing women;

Mod Podge Rocks, U Create, Gussy Sews, Whippy Cake, Pizzazzerie, I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, Freshly Picked, Allora Handmade and The Pleated Poppy

On Turning Your Passion Into A Business...

`To be successful treat your hobby as a business.

`People like to feel connected to a shop owner. Get personal and let your customers get to know you! A great way to do that is through social media. Especially InstaGram, because it gives your readers/customers a behind the scenes look into your daily grind.

`Collaborate with people who can help you and better your blog/product. People who hold you accountable, offer ideas and help.

`Your time is valuable. Make your shop business worth time away from friends and family! Don't forget to do the math...How much does it take for you to make/package/ship your items and pay yourself accordingly!

On Creating A Brand & Online Community...

`Focus on you and don't compare yourself to others!

`Encourage others and be engaged with your community. It's a two way street. For example; do you want more blog comments? Then you better be commenting on other blogs too!

`Be consistent!! Ask your readers questions or advice!

`Ask for help to continue to better yourself! You may have to take 1 step back to take 2 leaps forward.

`Stay ahead of the trend to keep your momentum going.

`Ask yourself this...Who do you want to be identified as?!

`You have to invest in creating a memorable shop/website. You gotta spend money to make money...

`Creating a brand is like creating an experience for your customers that reflects your shop identity. Make it worth their while from the very first time they click to your blog, until they receive your item.

Tips & Tricks--For your next overnight blog conference

`Package your biz cards in a cute, unique way. Preferably with something to eat or something that may set you apart. I chose to give out salted caramels. I've seen others give out hair ties, bobby pins etc.

`Pack many layers as the conference rooms are super hot...then super cold!

`Bring swag for your roommates!!

`Bring bags of candy, snacks and other goodies to share with your roommates

`Bring TUMS and learn that everyone does indeed poop. I learned this the hard way as I kept it all in and had an upset tummy on our last night. (I had a fear of doing number 2 in our hotel room with 4 other girls.)

`At a conference with mostly women attending...you can use the men's restroom with out getting caught. Or so I thought.


`Go out on a limb and say "Hi! I'm ____ From ____ and I'm a big fan of yours!" It's a lot less creepy than just staring and pointing "OMG there is Becki from Whippy Cake I LOVE HER!!!!"

`Don't call home, because the sound of your child's voice will make you cry and you might try to leave on the next flight.

`Take notes and really pay attention on how to better your blog/shop

`Lastly...Beware--Your roommates will become your everything and you WILL miss them terribly once your back in reality.