Charity Tastes So Sweet


Two weeks ago our teeny bakery and I had the honor of participating in the 'She Is Beautiful' 10k run in Santa Cruz, CA. We were asked to be a sponsor, and I couldn't say YES! fast enough. The run raised money for the Women and Children Center in Santa Cruz and I loved the idea of contributing to such a great organization. Cupcakes for charity is something we love to do.

It was a lot of hard work and the day feels like it lasted less than an hour! Baby Boy Bakery baked 600+ organic treats for the beautiful ladies running and their family and friends. My whole family joined forces to help me pull this off. We were up early to set up and while I was running the guys helped frost cupcakes...even my grandpa was handing out cupcakes charming the ladies I am sure! Seeing everyone work hard warmed my heart! We couldn't keep our table stocked fast enough and we ran out an hour before the event was over!

I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to the ladies who put on the 'She Is Beautiful' 10k event...You guys did an amazing job! What an inspiring event to be a part of! We are already looking forward to next year! Thank you for including us!

As for the run...I was in good company! Including my mom, her friends and my future sister in-law! One race partner that kept me 100% motivated was our family friend Robyn. Robyn you are one STRONG momma and I love you.