Defining Those Indefinable Moments


Taking a look at pictures of Ryan 6 months and younger make me long for those quiet moments. They make me remember a time when Ryan used to coo and suck his hand. When squeezing Sophie the giraffe would make him light up and laugh. When laying on his play mat was considered amazing fun! Looking at Ryan now...I'm speechless. Each day I fall more in love with him, but honestly some days are hard. Now he screams louder than a fog horn, Sophie is now a ball to be hit with a bat and the play mat is rolled up in the closet. Its replacement? A giant mess.

How do we define these crazy times? These insane situations that arise when our toddlers test our limits?!

Eric Ruhalter has a hilarious answer. Ruhalter wrote The Kids Dictionary, where he defines those indefinable moments we encounter as parents. For example;

Drinkle; The liquid burst emitted when a child squeezes his juice box to tight.

Ryan does this every time. I sound like a broken record "Don't squeeze it. Don't squeeze it! NO DON'T SQUEEZE IT!"..."uh-oh Momma"

I love The Kid Dictionary because it is hysterical and I can totally relate to it. I've come to realize my son knows every toddler trick in the book. Take a look...

InvisiBooBoo; The site on your kid's body where you unnecessarily applied a bandage.


ToyPhoon; A room that's been decimated by your kid's recreational activity.


I hope you guys take a look at The Kids Dictionary by Eric Ruhalter.

What are some crazy things your children do?! I would love to hear that I'm not the only one raising a nut!