How We Sunscreen With SuperGoop


Have you ever tried putting sunscreen on a toddler? Have you ever tried to put a sweater on a bucking bull? Well, its all the same thing. Now that it is summer and the sun is a blazin' I need to protect my kids skin. ESPECIALLY since he is what most call a "ginger". Meaning his skin is as pale and sensitive as it comes. Awesome.

Usually, we slather on the sunscreen and I wrestle my toddler till he is coated.

Him: "Ow Momma,Oh Momma...Ow! OWWWW!"


However, I recently was introduced to Super Goop Sunscreen Swipes and I have fallen in love. Mostly because you can just wipe your wiggling toddler down and call it a day. I wouldn't use these at the beach, but if you keep a few in your purse you'll be covered! I'm taking the time to let you mommas know about these, because I think they rock. I'm always looking for things to make my life easier. Plus, if I carry them in my purse this summer I'll be the "prepared" mom! (Ya Right)