My Little Cowboy


{Photos taken by Dan while on their "Daddy & Me" vacation}

Recently, I had what some mothers refer to as the holy grail. I had 5 whole days free. Free as a dang bird! My hero of a fiancee' took our son Ryan on a 'daddy and me' vacation, while I stayed back and held down the fort. I was skeptical at first, as this was my first time away from Ryan for that long. However, the peace and quiet over came me and I soon felt at ease and powerful! Almost like I could have taken over the world!....Too dramatic.

I did what any mom would do in such conditions. I cranked the music and deep cleaned my house! I ate an entire bag of cookies on the couch for dinner and watched Sex and the City re-runs. I hung out with my sisters and stayed up way past midnight. Most importantly, I indulged in a mini wine tasting tour with my girls in Santa Barbara. With daily doses of my boys via Face Time (huge Thank You to the late great Steve Jobs for giving us that) I would consider my "Momma Break" pure heaven.

Taking a break really does do a momma good. I'd recommend it to everyone till I'm blue in the face. Even if for only a doesn't matter. Just get away, and re-group. It makes for a better momma in the end.

This break from my Rhinestone Cowboys was just what I needed to re-gain strength, and jump back into the saddle.

I'm sure I am not the only one who has needed a break from time to time. What is your favorite thing to do when you catch a break from your daily mom-routine? Do you have break coming up that you are excited about? I would love to hear all about and catch up with you all!