Baby Zoe


By now as a momma I am able to sniff out a fever, spot a rash and handle scraped knees. My son is all boy, so it is no mystery as to how he has a new boo-boo each day. It might just be better for all of us if he starts wearing a helmet and knee pads with his daily outfits. The only thing is, by the time we head to our doctor visits I've forgotten anything and everything. Any questions, random facts or anything of the sort I may have wanted to let our doctor mind goes blank. When Ryan was a new born I used to write things down so I could bring it his pediatrician, and then I always left my paper at home. It seems like anytime we are headed somewhere important my mind is on the fly and I end up leaving the house with no deodorant on, no diapers and zero explanation for why. Did I mention we are always late?! I'm not even going into detail about how I managed to arrive at swim lessons with my panties on as bathing suit bottoms and on an empty gas tank. It has happened...That is me in a nutshell. Seriously ask anyone.

Anyways, when I received an email from the masterminds behind the Baby Zoe App I knew I struck organizational gold. They simply wanted me to download the app and use it in hopes I would like it and share it with others. Well, I did, and now I am here screaming at the top of my lungs "This App ROCKS!". I can use this app to help keep track of Ryan's health and yadda yadda. I can now open it up and show the doctor whats up and be a tad bit more proactive about my kids health. I'm on my way to winning 'Mom Of The Year' folks! Here is a little bit more info about this crazy cool iPhone app and all its glory...

What is the Baby Zoe App?

Baby Zoe is the most comprehensive app to help you track, manage and share health data about your children. It is a must-have high-tech accessory for parents. By using the Baby Zoe app parents are able to provide better overall health and wellness for their children.

The Baby Zoe iPhone app puts the parents in control of their children's health.

Here is how...

Track your children's eating, sleeping, medicine intake, and growth progress

Manage your photos, emergency contacts, and events

Share information with doctors, babysitters, day care, and family members

Learn about your child's health record and trends

If the app thing isn't your bag, or it isn't available on your phone then you can keep up with the Baby Zoe Health blog. The Baby Zoe Health blog features useful articles detailing topics that are focused on parent and baby. Some recent posts include; 'Nanny, Daycare or Stay at Home Mom?', 'Becoming New Parents-How To Find Time For Yourself' and 'Is Sleep Training Necessary?'. What I love most about the blog is that real moms are writing about real topics that we can all learn from. It is always a good feeling to learn you are not alone in this crazy momma world!

Baby Zoe is Rad!