San Francisco Takes The Cake


Things have been crazy to say the least and I'm just trying to hold on and keep my smiles until we have settled into our new home. Two words...moving sucks. Our family of three is craving our old routine.

We recently spent ten days of pure bliss in Northern California. It was just what we needed and a sweet escape from our reality back home. While on our mini vacay my son and I enjoyed; city scape walks, science filled afternoons in Golden Gate Park, and the delicious fruits of labor from the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. San Francisco has always been a favorite place of mine and I love showing my son around, just as my parents did.

Some things we learned while adventuring through out the bay area...

`Crepes are best filled with Nutella and raspberries. Extra Nutella please.

`The BOB stroller is quite perfect for city trekking and offers a superb location for toddler snoozing while mom grabs a coffee and window shops.

`The more fog the better. We like our city chilly.

`A "protein spill" is NOT a good thing at the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. F.Y.I.

`Steer clear of the love making giraffes at the Oakland Zoo. Although I'm not sure what they were doing is considered "making love". Yikes!

`The train ride at the Oakland Zoo is a must ride! Twice!

`Twirl and Pop Organic ice cream truck is a must visit. Even if you have to walk "all the way down the street"

`The Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market is overwhelmingly delicious. Don't forget to order a hamburger at Gott's.

`Lastly, gelato bars at TCHO chocolate shop and stopping so a man can draw a cartoon of your son for just 5$ makes for the best memories.

San Francisco you have my heart.

But, I still won't root for the Giants.