What I'm Currently Wearing & A Quick Update


`My son has taken up the hobby of picking his nose. I say "No Ryan, that is gross! Yucky!" He says "Wook Momma! Grossssss nucky!!" Why are boys so nasty?! Hoping he isn't the weird kid who picks his nose in Pre-K...

`Dan and I are planning a teeny party for our little mister. I can't believe it is his birthday soon! (That means another trip to Target for supplies)

`Ryan has discovered his pant pockets and loves to hide things inside them. Yesterday I found an old (and used) q-tip, a marker cap and .18 cents.

`Lastly, we are still unpacking in our new home......No Comment on how it brings the worst out in both of us. However, we are beyond thrilled to carry on this family home and continue to build upon the amazing memories made inside.