Cookie Dough Balls


You guys I have some really sweet info for you...literally!

First I would like to confess my love for the online baking supply store Bakeify.

Second, I would like to tell you a little more about this fun site and all it has to offer...

Third, I am going to share with you some sweet balls that will rock your world! (wow...that sounded just plain wrong! But, nevertheless the recipe is pretty awesome...and they are shaped like balls.)


Bakeify is where I usually find everything from kitchen/baking tools, designer cupcake liners, sprinkles and more. If you love to bake you must check it out! (Tip-They offer free shipping with orders 25$ or more)

Here is a little more info from Bakeify's founder Pattie

"Bakeify was founded out of a love of baking. Or maybe more accurately, out of a love of eating yummy baked goods. We can't all be expert bakers, so Bakeify has put together a fabulous selection of tools and products that will make your baking life easier. And once it's baked we have beautiful products that make decorating a snap. You are able to earn loyalty rewards, called Bakeify Dough, by ordering products and participating on the site. We help you feel like an expert so you can be proud of the desserts you are serving to your family and friends."

Another great thing about Bakeify is their blog. It has tons of fun recipes and tips/ideas on how to use the products they sell. I am about to re-share with you a recipe I found on the Bakeify blog that I added a few twists to. Enjoy Guys!

Cookie Dough Bites

What You Need

`1/2 cup of cookie butter/biscoff

`3 tbs soften butter

`1.4 cup brown sugar

`2 tbs white sugar

`1/4 cup of oats

`1/4 tsp sea salt

`1/4 cup white chocolate chips

`1 cup white chocolate chips

`1/4 cream


`In a large bowl mix the butter and cookie butter till smooth

`Mix sugars and vanilla until there are no lumps

`Mix oats, flour and salt. There should be a cookie dough ball form.

`Fold in the white chocolate chips

`Roll balls and place on parchment paper. Use a table spoon to measure out balls.

`Place the balls in the fridge to chill them.

`To make white chocolate ganache drizzle, melt the white chocolate chips and cream in a double broiler until smooth and glossy.

`Drizzle over the balls and then chill them again until the ganache sets.

Ways to enjoy...

-Make a dozen for your neighbors

-Pack one in your child's lunch box

-Hand them out to your children's teachers

-Eat one during nap time

-Make them with your children