Awkward Mom Moment

Have you ever had a really good mom moment? You know those moments when you forget the last time your child ate, or forget to pack diapers and just 'wing it' because surely he won't pee (or worse) on the the way home....or when you forget swimming trunks for swim class and just pretend his shorts are waterproof.....No? That stuff only happens to me?

Well, I sure hope I am not the only one.

Maybe it is just me.

I seem to have a good handle on being a mom most days however, I have my off moments and I like to laugh about it (once my embarrassment subsides). The photos above capture the most awkward "mom moment" I've had recently...and I'm lucky my best friend was there to capture it {Big hug to Tory for saving the day by the way}.

We were on our way to Disneyland to celebrate Ryan's birthday, happy as can be. I thought I had packed a decent diaper bag. What were the chances I would need an extra pair of clothes right!? Well, long story short my son threw up in the back seat. Awesome. We were to far from home to go back and apparently the 'Happiest Place On Earth' rules out nudity. Oh and why go home when we were so close?

So, we stopped at the nearest Target. (Target really does solve life problems) Tried cleaning out the car as best we could with tissues and air freshener, which is probably the hardest and most disgusting thing to do. Then, I proceed to take my naked son into Target to get a new outfit. Here I am trying to pick out an outfit and hold him at the same time so he wouldn't touch the floor. Also, I didn't want to be responsible for a naked toddler running about Target. Not that day anyway.


I think the moral of the story is always pack extra everything. That day I wasn't on top of my game...but it sure made a funny memory. Also, I still don't know why Ryan threw up....he seemed completely fine afterwards. Happy and ready to party! Which leads me to believe he was just testing me and momma skills....nice one kid. You got me!