Peanut Butter Banana Cookies


When I was a kid there wasn't much sugar around. As in my mom would never let me have it. Her idea of sweets was a box of raisins and if she was in a really good mood those raisins would be covered in yogurt. Yogurt covered one at lunch wanted to trade their Gushers or Fruit by the Foot with yogurt covered raisins.

Luckily, what she hid from us paid off in her ability to make drop dead amazing cookies. Thankfully, we were rewarded with these from time to time. An all around favorite between my siblings and I were her peanut butter cookies. It just so happens my son's favorite food is bananas...Long story short, I combined the two and made out with a pretty darn good cookie. I'm sharing the recipe with you all, only if you promise to make them!

Perfect for an after-school snack, packed in your child's lunch, sweet snack during nap you get it? They are good whenever!

Enjoy Friends!

What You Need

`3 ripe bananas (The more ripe, the more banana flavor)

`2 cups flour

`2 cups brown sugar

`1 cup sugar

`1 cup smooth peanut butter (You can use chunky, whatever you prefer or have on hand)

`1 cup butter (Must be at room temp)

`1 tsp baking powder

`pinch of salt


`In a mixing bowl cream the butter and both kinds of sugar. This is when you mix the two until they become smooth and creamy. With no bumps, lumps, nothing....smooooooth.

`Add peanut butter and bananas. You want to mix until it continues to be smooth, however be careful not to mash the bananas to much. You want little bites of banana through out each cookie.

`Now, mix in the dry ingredients. Mix until it is all combined. Though, don't over mix.

`On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or greased up drop a tablespoon size amount of dough for each cookie. I always like to take a fork and press on the center of each cookie.

`Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 min, or until golden brown on the edges.

`Let the cookies cool...and then enjoy!