Engagement Photos Accidentally On A Nude Beach


My favorite thing to do is go out for coffee. Ask anyone, they will tell you "Jacqui loves coffee". Most of my family knows I can't speak in the mornings with out coffee. I can't speak before 9am either...but I'll save my awful sleep habits for a different post.

My dear friend does a weekly coffee date post, where she talks as if she were really having coffee with her readers. I think its a great idea...but I always figured I had nothing to talk about. That is until my toddler found a stranded piece of gum and ate it. Now, I am thinking this coffee date might not be such a bad idea. Because if we were really out for coffee I would tell you...

`My son is hysterical. So funny in fact he nearly choked on a piece of gum he randomly found. It was Big Red and he didn't really choke, he was smart enough to chew it. "Momma hot nandee (candy)! Hot Hot!" Looking on the bright side-His breath smelt wonderful for the rest of the afternoon. What is even scarier is the fact that Dan and I don't chew gum and we don't know where it came from. Great!

`I would also explain in detail about our fun family photo shoot we had at Baker Beach in San Fransisco. So much fun....until we realized it was indeed a nude beach. Another parenting highlight for Dan and I! One event to mark down in Ryan's baby book "Baby's first trip to a nude beach". We spent the day posing and steering clear of the fabulously naked dude playing volleyball. I guess that is the price you pay for the fantastic view....of the bridge not the nudist.

At this point I would ask you how you have been. And if you would like to grab coffee with me again sometime...that is if I haven't scared you away.